The reality of living with covid-19 means things look differently than they did pre-covid. We have adapted and changed but remain community minded and relationship driven. We have a deep love and care for our community. We are a people of hope with the realization that God will never forsake us, His perfect love casts out fear and helps us to use wisdom.  Jesus came, in the flesh, to be with us and we know that His presence is among us at all times.  Yet, we also recognize that loneliness and lack of human connection can leave us feeling sad and at loose ends.  We are committed to connecting and caring for the whole person so don’t hesitate to get ahold of us. We can talk on the phone, FaceTime or have a physically distanced coffee together. Grocery shopping and deliveries or other errands are arranged by calling Pastor Sandi. 

We get it that everyone is at different stages and stations in life and we want to be respectful and sensitive.

COVID-19 precautions are in place for everything we do.

Covid safety plan is here:

Join us as we pray for those and their families who are being affected physically, emotionally and financially.  Join us as we pray for those serving in health care and the other front line workers as they deal with these challenges.   It is in difficult circumstances that we are made even more aware of the call to be the church in the world today, and to take the love of Christ to the sick, the hurting, and the afraid.

Any mask, no matter how good it is at catching droplets or how well it seals, will have minimal effect if it is not used together with other preventive measures, such as frequent hand washing and physical distancing.  Please follow hand washing procedures when putting on and taking off a mask and avoid touching the front of the mask while it is on.