Loving God, loving people, and living that out with God’s grace!

Our youth group is a unique, and energetic group of youth! We value deep relationships with those around us and with God and strive everyday to learn His Word and live that out in our day to day lives.

Wednesday night is Jr. Youth for grades 5- 7 from 6:00-7:30 on the ‘old side’ and Bible Study from 7:30 – 9:00 in the round building at SLE.

Friday nights are activity nights at Shuswap Lake Estates with and Grade 8 and up from 7:30 – 9:00.  We are flexible…so if your in grade 8 and you want to hang with your friends in grade 7, that’s totally fine.

Sometimes, we have  Family Movie Night with a double feature of an animated movie at 6:00 and a family feature at 8:00.  There is free popcorn too.!!!! Bring the whole fam and some lawn chairs or blankets.  Just check the ‘events’ page for the latest

Youth Band! Our youth worship team meets some Wednesday nights for practices and occasionally leads our Sunday morning worship. Come join us, we love adding new talent to the group!

Mentorship! We love our multi generational church and we want to glean life knowledge and skills from our congregation. Speak to one of the pastors about a mentorship opportunity within the church!


Here are some ways to keep connected:

*    on Facebook, become ‘friends’ with the person:  “Riveroflife Youthgroup” and under the ‘friends’ tab on the cover photo cli the down arrow and hit ‘get notifications’.

*    there is also a “ROL Youth” page on Facebook 

* is our church’s website.

*    click on this link:   add in your mobile phone #  and then you will get text message notifications for any important event news.