Plan A Visit

Plan A Visit

We’re glad you’re on this page and thinking about joining us for a Sunday Service. We are all just regular folk who are on a journey to explore and deepen our faith. Gathering together on a Sunday morning helps us do that. We like good music, a good word, connecting with friends and making new ones.

You are welcome to join us online Sunday mornings at 10:00AM and also at 6:00PM outside at Shuswap Lake Estates parking lot for in-person and drive-in service.


Online, the service will be live streamed at 10:00am here:  

Once logged on, you will see the chat function where we say some hellos and make connections.  The ‘request prayer’ button is a confidential chat message between you and one of our pastors.  We place a high value on personal relationships and really do want to get to know you so let us know you’re watching. Also, you can watch all of the archived services any day of the week by going to the “Media” page here

SUNDAY SCHOOL AKA KIDZ CHURCH will be held Sunday evenings during the 6:00PM service. You can register here:

Pre-Service Connecting:

We value the chance to connect, get to meet new people and also deepen existing relationships. With our Zoom time before the service, we have time to see each other’s faces to chat, encourage one another and pray together. Zoom isn’t hard to use and we would be happy to help you figure it out – just send us an email. Our eldest zoom participants are almost 95 🙂

You might be surprised at how great it is to just connect.!

Sunday Evening Service Outdoor In-Person and Drive-In with Kidz Church at the same time

In typical Shuswap style, we invite you to attend our casual setting in the parking lot at Shuswap Lake Estates where there will be some singing, some sharing and some scriptures with maybe even some surprises.

Register for the Outdoor Service here :

We can have 50 people meet in-person outside AND we can have Drive In Church at the same time.  This means you have 2 options:  you can come with your lawn chairs, blankets and thermoses sitting outside in your family grouping OR you can drive in, sit and snack in your car, also in the parking lot, and tune in to the service on an FM station.  This service will happen rain or shine 🙂 We do have a couple tents for rain and shade.

Make note of the ‘ticket type’ when you register

Understanding the importance of building a sense of community and togetherness, we really encourage everyone to attend Sunday evening and in-person.  There is something precious and powerful that happens when people gather in real life, in real time.  The Body of Christ is called to gather with all of our individual giftings, building one another up in the faith with inter-generational interactions and encourage one all the more as we see the Day approaching. 

We are to “put on love, which binds us all together in perfect unity” (Colossians 3:14).  In that spirit of love and unity, we are committed to keeping our spaces together safe.  Physically, of course, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  We are living in divisive days where cancel culture thrives and opinions are held with the fervency of religion.  Our focus at a gathering is Jesus and to honour Him with our praises, all of our words and interactions, leading every action and conversation with love, grace, compassion, patience and forgiveness.  So, some conversations are best left for a different time and space.  We want everyone to feel comfortable, accepted and not judged.  We also understand if you don’t feel safe or comfortable attending in-person gatherings and please know that we still want to connect with you in other ways. 

There are requirements from the Provincial Health Order such as: no congregating and physical distancing maintained between family groups.
If you are outside and in person, you need a face covering and are not allowed to sing out loud. 
If you attend in your car, you can only get out of your car if you are needing to use the washroom. 

The Provincial Health Order also requires you have the following information: caution the following people about attending an in-person worship service because of their higher risk of suffering from serious complications of COVID-19: (a) a person 70 years of age or older, even if they have been immunized against COVID-19; (b) a person who is living with another person who is infected with COVID-19, or who has upper respiratory or influenza-like symptoms; (c) a person with an underlying medical condition or a compromised immune system.