About our events:

All of our events and gatherings strive to be a friendly and welcoming. We are wanting to gather with a sense of love, grace and community.

Christmas Candlelight Service

Christmas Celebration Service

Christmas can be a tough time and we don’t want anyone to feel alone and so let’s celebrate together! Carols, the Christmas Story and then dinner (lunch) together. Anyone is welcome and after dinner and dessert we can hang out and talk, play some board games and stuff like that.

Men’s Breakfast

Men’s Breakfast is the first Saturday of every month at 8:00am and is a time for the men to gather together for a casual, faith based time of encouragement and more. A full breakfast will be served by donation.

Ladies Cafe Connextions

The third Saturday of the month is Ladies Cafe Connextions at 10:00am. All are welcome to this time of sharing snacks, stories and some songs.