Having been transformed by the Good News of God’s love, we want to share that Way of Love with others both locally and globally. We want to come alongside our fellow man, humbly upholding the values of living justly and loving mercy, in keeping with God’s heart of gracious compassion.

We look for all the different ways we can serve here in our neighbourhoods and communities.  We volunteer at events and the Food Bank, do physical work and simply help out where we can.

We take at least one trip a year (often more) down to MEXICO and the reality is, The Baja is filled with our family.  Young and old, we’ve developed relationships various families, youths, organizations, schools and churches.

Now we work closely with MEXICO RED in Tijuana  https://mxred.org/  

Mexico Red focuses on working with those who live in Zone Norte, the notorious skid row of Tijuana.  Focusing relief, education and development, we have had amazing opportunities to help with the elementary school, feeding program, social work, refugee relief and more.

Some of our past experiences have included;
Countless hours of relationship building, building houses, school construction and a basketball court along with various construction projects for things such as, a woman shelter, a thrift store, a tortilla factory, dorms, electrical, painting, and more.
Neighbourhood ministry has included VBS, daily evangelism programs, feeding programs, orphanage work etc.

So now with travel restrictions, we are still committed to help our friends and family. We offer support, prayers, encouragement and as always, financial support.  Why not talk to us about how you can get involved too?