Having been transformed by the Good News of God’s love, we want to share that Way of Love with others both locally and globally. We want to come alongside our fellow man, humbly upholding the values of living justly and loving mercy, in keeping with God’s heart of gracious compassion.


The Baja is filled with our family. Young and old we have developed relationships since 2006 with various families, youths, organizations, schools and churches.  Over the years this has developed into what we are proud to now call New Rivers of Life church – an extension of our ministries with Pastor Joel Burgara and his team.

Some of our past experiences have included;
Countless hours of relationship building,
A house build for the Hernandez family,
Various construction projects for things such as, a woman shelter, a thrift store, a tortilla factory, dorms, electrical, painting, and more.
Neighborhood ministry including, VBS, daily evangelism programs, feeding programs and more.

Along with our youth team and chaperons who go to mexico every March during spring break, our congregation is filled with other people who dedicate there time every year to visiting and ministering in the baja.

Check out the many organizations we have gotten to know throughout the past many years:
One life One Chance
Eternal Anchor
Welcome Home Outreach
Safe Care Mission International



Barb Loewen serves here in Canada as a Mobilization Missions Coach with TeachBeyond, a mission organization which is involved in transformational education around the world. So, what does she do? She connects with people – people who are interested in following wherever God is leading them; people who want to use the gifts and abilities He has given them for the benefit of those around them; people who are feeling a tug to be involved in education in a way that brings transformation through the power of the Gospel.  If you are interested in serving in education around the world she can help you get there.

For more information or to support Barb: https://give.teachbeyond.org/support/barb-loewen/